Mini Rant of No Consequence

I’m glad to see Danni Minogue is going to be sandwiched in between Mantrouser Misogynist Duo Kyle “hypocrite” Sandilands and Brian “Daterapist” McFadden on the upcoming (and yes, I’m a journalist, we don’t use “upcoming” because it means “vomit” but I did it intentionally here, did you see?) X-factor, Next Top Idiot, Australia’s Got A Lot of Idiots with Delusions of Talent or whatever it’s called.

(no pic this time, I can’t face putting their stupid faces up here and googling “wanker” did not throw up anything good on Google images)

Because it means three of my least favourite TV “personalities” will be on TV, on the same channel, at the same time, thus rendering  them much easier to avoid. I don’t hate Danni. I just think she’s a money-hungry vacuous individual devoid of talent who doesn’t care that she’s sharing a judging bench with two similarly talentless wankers who think rape is funny. Or a quick way to make a buck.


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