Poor Chris Brown et al

Source: PerthNow 15/4/11

Apparently, ticket sales for Chris Brown’s Perth concert have “copped a beating, forcing promoters to take drastic action.”

 “A three-for-one ticket deal is being offered for the R&B star’s show at Burswood Dome on May 3, where the singer will be supported by Jess Mauboy, Justice Crew and DJ Havana Brown.

Promoter Daniel Pritchard is blaming sluggish sales on the fact many urban artists have recently performed in Perth, including Usher, Rihanna and the Supafest festival. He says there is “no chance” the concert will be moved to a smaller venue, like Challenge Stadium.` Pritchard denied Chris Brown’s widely reported anger management issues are the problem.

He claims ticket sales tripled the week after Brown lost his cool on the set of Good Morning America last month, when he was asked by the host about his assault on Rihanna.”

Ahahahaha. My heart fucking BLEEDS for you Brown and for you, Pritchard. Three tickets for the price of one? Oh my God. I can’t even think of three people I hate enough to send them to your concert. Either you’re shit or people hate the fact you’re a wife-beater or both. All signs point to fuck off, please.


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