Get Your Money’s Worth: Re-wed

From 16/4/11

THE impending royal wedding has inspired ‘wedding parties’ across Perth, with brides taking April 29 as an excuse to show off their bridal gowns again.

Bride Mellissa Cooper and her friends will don their gowns at her Kenwick home for a champagne dinner in front of a big-screen TV.

Mrs Cooper, 26, said she wanted to feel as special as the royal bride will on her big day.”Doesn’t every girl want to be a princess?” she said.

Ok. Are you fucking serious? No really, are you? There’s something slightly sad about this story. It sort of smells like desperation and post-wedding blues. There’s a hint of regret about only being able to wear the $4000 once-in-a-lifetime-dress once. If you wear it twice, then that’s $2k per pop. Bargain.

I just hope they don’t get carried away and some post-bride, bride ends up crying in the toilet because their best mate spilled shiraz and guacamole all down the front of their designer Swarovski crystal encrusted merigue number. But on the upside, they really, really won’t have another excuse to wear it again. Unless Prince Harry weds that slapper Chelsea. But you can’t have a Princess Chelsea can you. Computer says ‘No’.


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