Not Perfect

If you don’t know what I’m talking about, the you simply have not been paying attention. I suggest you read previous posts and try to concentrate for a change.

I’m talking about The Tim Minchin. The Genius. THAT guy. None of us are Perfect. Many of us try to fill up our bodies with Wine. But 99.9% of us cannot play the piano so well and articulate our shortcomings like this. In song. Love it or go back to reading Perez Hilton’s blog or a Jilly Cooper novel or something.

PS I interviewed him once. On the phone. He was naked, apparently. By the end of the interview he had on a pair of maroon jocks. True story bro.


About ohhellwhatthehell

I like gin, mittens and otters, not necessarily in that order. Here's some stuff I felt like writing down when I'm not chained to a desk writing other things for a living. Please use caution when using this site; there may be sweary words, cute animals and general bullshit. Don't say I didn't fucking warn you.
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