It’s Baaaack !

Oh yes. Vampire porn for adults is back on our screens on Monday. True Blood, I’ve missed you. Alexander Skarsgard – Marry Me. Love, sex, blood, drugs, Skarsgard minus shirt, there is nothing about this series I dislike. Apart from the drawn out stuff about the crazy woman with claw hands, that was annoying.

A few months ago I was supposed to meet and interview Charlaine Harris when she was coming to the city. Then she had a death in the family and became for me a mere dream, a tiny dot on the horizon, a puff of smoke. I’d like to have a drink with CH. In fact, I’d like to see her and the Twilight woman compete with each other over tequila shots. That would be ace.

But second to that, I want Monday to hurry the fuck up. I never thought I’d say that. In the meantime you and I, dear fang-banger, can munch on this lovely gallery of True Blood I knocked up whilst on my first day of my secondment as entertainment editor of the website. Sure, it took me two and a half hours and I had to do it twice because the computer (or me) had a spack attack. As an expert on the subject I feel you’ll know I chose the best photos I could find. Nom Nom Nom.

Back with a Bite


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