And Here We Are Again

Well done UK breakfast TV douchebag Eamonn Holmes, for telling a 20-year-old woman who was victim of a terrible rape whilst walking two streets home that he hoped she and everyone else would “take a taxi” in future. John Worboys, rapist taxi driver anyone? 

“I hope you take a taxis now,” said the sage Holmes.

*This man

*told this woman she should take taxis. After she had been horrifically raped by a stranger walking home at age 18 and was brave enough to talk about it on TV.

Yes. If she hadn’t have DARED to walk home, soldier, rapist and stranger  Johnathan Haynes would not have raped her. What a mistake. If we’ve learned anything from this, let’shope it’s not Stay Indoors at All Times or Always Have a Male Escort, or even Taxi Drivers are Slightly Less Likely to Rape You than Strangers 100m from your Front Door but instead:

Eamonn Holmes is a n arrogant, uneducated, mysogenistic toolbag. He’s also a breakfast TV reporter. Coincidence? I think not.


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