Ginaury contains a lot of THIS

*Luckily I am not a person who gets depressed when I drink gin. I leave that to other occasions. Such as when I am not drinking.

Sometimes life is a bit rubbish. Sometimes it’s all “fix the pool” (which isn’t yours and you only volunteered to look after it so you could swim in it and then it goes and breaks down), “go to work”, “decide to give up carbs”, “take out the stupid recycling” and, well, you can see where this is going.
Or CAN you?
No, you didn’t see this one coming. There’s got to be some good to balance out the mundane. Some sweet to counter the sour taste of everyday Meh. And so, because I’m nice like that, I’m going to share this with you:
So the so-called Festive Season is over (or Drink for Jesus Month as my mate Lisa calls it). Never fear, Ginuary is already here and you’re six bloody days behind so you’d better catch up.
There’s a gin recipe for every day of Ginuary, including, and I kid you not – CAKE made with Gin. Cake!!

SORRY! The Link to the Ginuary website is HERE
On the one hand I am totally in love with this blog. On the other I’m slightly jealous that it’s not mine. However it’s a much better piece of absolute genius for being written by the Gin-meister, rather than me.
So, after giving up alcohol yesterday (ok, I had a beer. Just one mind), I’ve decided I’m going to go home and celebrate by making the first Ginuary recipe: the French 75. I basically have everything required in the cupboard (I don’t really, I have a bit of nice gin and some lemons but I need to stop off and buy catfood, so it’s convenient enough).
Maybe I could start a blog a la Julie and Julie about making all the gin recipes? On the other hand, each post would probably be a bit like “mmm. That’s delicious. Giiiiiiiiiiiin”.
So happy Ginuary folks. Enjoy.


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