Valentine’s Day garlic bread

We all know Valentine’s Day is intended to mock the single and to force barely-speaking couples to sit silently in a one-star Italian restaurant struggling to find things to say over their shared portion of garlic bread and looking over their shoulders to make sure no other couple is having a better time and trying to convince themselves than being single would be so much worse.

It also makes shitloads of money off people who think empty recycled sentiments equal a respectful, enduring and satisfying relationship. Not being the recipient of a teddy bear holding a heart and proclaiming love this year, I thought I’d take a break and stop ragging on Valentine’s Day. There are some good things about it. LIke this:

Courtesy of UKPA

If you are thinking of giving flowers to your Valentine this year it may be hard to beat a unique gown made of nearly 2,000 blooms.

The “horti-couture” red gown took 170 hours to make and was created by 23-year-old Joe Massie, the three-time winner of the RHS Chelsea Young Florist of the Year award.

It is made of 1,725 of Asda’s Valentine’s Day flowers after the company partnered with Mr Massie to inspire and remind people to treat their loved one on February 14.

The petals from 1,000 Naomi red roses cover the entire body, running down to the floor. Fifteen Carmen roses and 200 chrysanthemums, decorated with gold-leaf, adorn the hip and skirt of the dress.

Petals from 150 Purple Power roses, 75 gerberas and 300 carnations have been used on the hem. The entire look was completed with a pair of rose petal-covered stiletto shoes.

I think the dress speaks for itself. Better than garlic bread, any day.


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