33 is the Magic Number

According tothis article from Time, people are most happy from 33.  So technically I’m nine months in to the Happiest Year of My Life..

Bugger. I wish someone had told me this earlier. In saying that, the general ups and downs of life aside, 33 has been pretty alright. And if this slightly feeble survey is to believed, it’s only going to get better (or at least not worse) maybe.

It’s true though. I have more money, more fun and I’ve stopped beliving in fairytales and happy endings and other things that make you continually disappointed with life.


here’s Le article in any case….

It’s true: 30 really is the new 20. A study by Friends Reunited, a British social-networking site, found that 70% of respondents over the age of 40 claimed they were not truly happy until they reached 33.

“The age of 33 is enough time to have shaken off childhood naiveté and the wild scheming of teenaged years without losing the energy and enthusiasm of youth,” psychologist Donna Dawson said in the survey’s findings. “By this age innocence has been lost, but our sense of reality is mixed with a strong sense of hope, a ‘can do’ spirit, and a healthy belief in our own talents and abilities.”

Conversely, only 16% of the survey’s respondents pined for their childhood, while 6% said they were happiest while in college.

Many respondents claimed that their happiness at 33 came from fulfillment in their professional lives, as well as having a support system of family and friends. Not surprisingly, 36% said they were happiest when they had children.

Additionally, more than half of survey takers who chose 33 as the magic number said they did so because life at that age was more fun — probably because they had more money to enjoy it.


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