Fun Drinking Times for Game of Thrones season 2

My cousin Lauren sent this to me. She knows me too well. Let’s go back to uni days and get shitfaced drunk whilst watching the best series known to man.

I give you: Game of Thrones series 2: The Drinking Game.

I’m up for it if you are….

*The King in the North: DRINK

“The rules are the easiest: Any time something on the below list happens, y’all take a drink. Occasionally you’ll be finishing whatever’s left in your chalice.

Take a drink when: Someone mentions ‘Winter’ Someone says “The King in the North” Someone mentions or engages in incest. Anyone has sex. Finish your drink: If it’s ‘doggystyle’.

Someone drinks Dream Wine. Finish your drink: Someone downs Milk of the Poppy “My Lord Father” is spoken. Someone says “Bastard”. 2 Drinks whenever someone says “The Twins”. Anytime you see Wildfire. If we’re North of the Wall, warm up with a drink. “A Lannister always pays his debts” is uttered. Anyone says “Game of Thrones”. Finish your drink: A major/minor character (like you know their name) is killed or dies.

Character specific triggers: Tyrion takes a drink, you take a drink. Joffrey snaps at someone/thing. Davos touches his neck pouch (this will make sense, trust us). Melisandre mentions ‘the darkness’. Camera holds on Jon Snow staring off into the distance. Samwell Tarly acts or is described as ‘craven’. Hodor says “Hodor”. The Hound acts creepy towards Sansa. A Dire Wolf kills someone. Brienne gets made fun of for being ‘homely’. Arya is referred to as a boy. Daenerys ignores Jorah’s advice. One of Dany’s dragon’s breathes fire. Finish your drink: A dragon kills someone. The Great John raises his voice. Tyrion makes a witty retort, Tyrion visits a brothel, Catelyn misses Ned. You’re creeped out by Lysa Arryn and her son. Varys mentions his ‘little birds’. Sansa cries. Cersei clashes with Tyrion.

We’ll be adding to and updating ‘Get Your Dream Wine On’ as the season progresses but we think this a pretty good list to start with. We’ll see you Monday afternoon after our Arizona Tall Boy hangover subsides.


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One Response to Fun Drinking Times for Game of Thrones season 2

  1. dave says:

    so to clarify, whats dream wine?

    this is very similar to the smurfs drinking game where anytime u hear smurf u have to drink.

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