Battleship Down

So I actually did go and see the utter travesty that is Battleship at the movies today. And suprisingly enough Rihanna’s presence was probably the least annoying thing about it. In fact, she was so spectacularly beige in it I barely noticed her.

What I DID notice was the spectacularly long-winded and unnecessary entre to the actual alien bit which made me wonder if I had come into the wrong cinema.

No one comes out of this movie well. Not Taylor Kitsch (although looking at him for two hours would have to be the best bit), not Liam Neeson who was pretty much unnecessary and not even the divine Alexander Skarsgard.


Because they kill Alexander Skarsgard! Before even half way through! WTF?

I’m all for suspending my disbelief and shit but there were many, many, many parts (aliens notwithstanding) that just made no sense at all. You can’t steal a decommisioned battleship and fire weapons from it. That’s ridiculous. And you can’t kill Alexander Skarsgard but that’s just plain mean when you’ve used his godlike image to promote the damn movie.

Anyway, in other news Snow WHite and the Hunter looks fucking amazeballs. Although after today’s debacle, I think my movie-choosing priviledges have been revoked.


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