Nostalgia Tastes Like Irn-Bru

So yes, I totally jagged this from The Sabotage Times, but, to be fair, I did add some pictures. You can read it (and other cool things What Britain loves) HERE.

“Fizzy drinks are ace. In childhood they are the exciting and magical alternative to moribund orange squash. In adulthood, fizzy drinks are the assumed hangover cure that never quite works, writes Tom Greaney.

So what are Britain’s finest fizzy drinks?


The mysterious 32 flavoured orange-coloured drink of Scottish Gods. IrnBru is made from a secret recipe that is only know by two people in the known world, that remains stored within a bank vault in Scotland. IrnBru follows in the tradition of many Great British fizzy drinks in that its name offers zero indication to what it will actually taste like. Regardless, it tastes amazing.

Fizzy Vimto

A Great British Drink, this fizzy fruity mix was originally named Vim Tonic, later shortened, as we all know and love, to Vimto. Few things say Great Britain more than fish and chips accompanied by a Fizzy Vimto. Like red wine and steak, this truly is a perfect pairing.


This pineapple and grapefruit drink is only sold in four countries worldwide, with theUnited Kingdom being one of those lucky nation states. Introduced back in 1975, Lilt and its “totally tropical taste” has wowed the inhabitants within the Axis of Lilt formed of Seychelles, Gibraltar, Republic of Irelandand the United Kingdom. A very select group I’m sure you would agree.”


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One Response to Nostalgia Tastes Like Irn-Bru

  1. My hangover is crying out for some chuggy bru, why won’t Belgium accept it’s amber goodness already?!
    I would add a personal favourite – Red Kola. Another triumph from Barr’s.

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