Sunday Bloody Sunday

Ah, it’s been one of those Sundays when I went to work, did some work stuff, came home, drank wine, ordered pizza and watched Spartacus: The Prequel. Oh yes, I did that. In your FACE Sunday!

Sure I almost, ALMOST went to a gay half-naked-gay-something party at the local gay bar cos my BFFF/future husband suggested I should but then I realised I could not be bothered sticking on false eyelashes and I have to work tomorrow even though it’s a public holiday and sometimes life sucks balls. So booh.

In any case, here endeth my weekend boozing nights. It’s sobertown until Friday. Double booh. And if I manage a headstand at yoga tomorrow night I get to buy myself something Awesome. I’m thinking maybe a pony. Or five kittens. Or a Gladiator. But suggestions are welcome. (*fingers crossed in hopeful manner*)

Sorry people of the world who stumble upon this blog and don’t know me – it’s one of THOSE posts, you know, the ones that make no sense and are completely uninteresting unless you know me, and really, even if you do.

Anyway, the Queen is Jubilant, my Cat is on a diet and I’m tired.

Laters, peeps x


About ohhellwhatthehell

I like gin, mittens and otters, not necessarily in that order. Here's some stuff I felt like writing down when I'm not chained to a desk writing other things for a living. Please use caution when using this site; there may be sweary words, cute animals and general bullshit. Don't say I didn't fucking warn you.
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