Game of Thrones Shock!

Well I was going to write something underneath the weepy woman below, but I couldn’t because technology and computers and blogs suck arse sometimes and there you have it.

In any case, I’ve been saving the finale of Game of Thrones season 2 for a Whole 24 Hours because I am that disciplined. eah, go figure. But in any case, this article, which says ‘the cast (and more specifically the guy that played Theon Grejoy) didn’t know what the “shocking” end of season 1 would be (it’s a beheading by the way. Of a major character. Sean Bean / Lord of Winterfell in fact. Sorry. But if you’re shocked by this now it’s your own fault for not being as on the button as the rest of us. Also, I’m not sorry) or what subsequently happens to his character, Theon Greyjoy, in series 2. In fact, he claims the scriptwriters sent him bogus scripts just  to Keep Him Guessing.

Lord. It’s not a state secret really, is it?

It’s a bit like that time my English Lit housemate and I suggested we and our two science student housemates all watch Titanic together (god, it was the 90s, give me a break ok?) And we were talking about the film and how the ship sank and one of them screamed “don’t ruin the film!!!”. It sinks. In the end. This is history. It is written.

Dear Mr Playing Theon Greyjoy. The TV series you are acting in is based on a book. Perhaps you might have read it or know someone who has. Or even decided to read it when you were cast. I know, there’s a lot of books and a lot of pages, but still….Usually when I interview someone, I try and find out a bit about them before I do it. I’m no actor, but I’m guessing that may help. Read the books. They’re quite super. Although the TV series has more actual visual sex bits.


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