Economics of Love

If you’re as shit at relationships and love things as I generally am, then this little gem might help. Try Economic Principles as explained by The Daily Life because if you’re anything like me, you forgot a lot of the economics you learned in high school.

Because if you’ve tried everything else, then invoking the spirit of Adam Smith surely ain’t going to hurt.

Here’s a snippet that may come in handy…


The law of diminishing returns: As Alain de Botton explains in Essays in Love, “Happiness with other people seems bounded by two kinds of excesses: suffocation and loneliness.” The law of diminishing returns states that the more you consume of a good, the less satisfaction you’ll derive from the next unit of consumption.  (Eg. the first slice of pizza will always taste better than the second, and so on. Even if you weren’t drunk) This can also apply to dud dates, or the amount of ‘couch time’ with your partner each week.



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