The Best Time My Mother Accidentally Introduced Me to a Cult That Glenn Close Was In

My mother was terribly concerned in the 1990s that when I went to uni, I’d get involved with a cult and be lost to her Forever. Fortunately, most cults around in Edinburgh in those days frowned on drinking, smoking and taking drugs, so I was pre-tty safe.

However, little did she know she had already exposed me to a cult, one Glenn Close herself was involved in, when she took me to a shitty musical (and bought the t-shirts) called Up With People.

I only discovered this recently, courtesy of

“Glenn Close has opened up about a rarely discussed fact of her upbringing, saying that she used to be in a cult and credits it with honing her acting abilities at a young age. Joining the conservative Moral Re-Armament sect with her family when she was seven she toured the world as part of their musical collective Up With People until she went to college. “It was a cult, where everyone was told to think alike, and that’s devastating. I decided that I would not trust even my instincts. Because I didn’t know what they were. Everything had been dictated,” she said.

PS the musical was shit. Compared with Cats, Les Mis, Joseph and every other one my mum took us to, bought the t-shirt and played the CD for months, it was on the crap side of average. But still.

Let’s not even talk about the time my parents sent me and my sister to an “expand your brain” weekend with a dodgy dude called Jack Black. It’s a miracle we’re not sister-wives by now.


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