The Brain-Mad of a One-Off Man Mental

The specific kind of abuse, both public – by “professional people” – and by motherfucking horrible trolls against female journalists has been well documented.

It’s far far worse than their male colleagues face and if you don’t believe me then fuck off and do your research or grow a pair of tits and see how the world treats you then maybe we can have a conversation although probably not because I still think you’re a twat.

You can read here about how female bloggers/journalists are regularly threatened with rape by evil internet lady-haters. How lovely.

I’m the first to admit I don’t have much of a thick skin, although it’s getting thicker by the year – and that is not so good when you’re a journalist. But I’ve also been relatively lucky. I’ve had a few crazies; mostly people with mental health problems who I’ve tried gently to nudge towards health and support systems. I’ve had a whole bunch of anonymous people sending me weird things cut into little pieces that make no sense and passages from cult-driven manuals.

A few times I’ve had people yell at me down the phone and call me a bitch and a whore etc but they never called back after I went “uh..uhhuh..uhuh..actually, I’m really busy at the moment..k bai!” and they hung up on me cos they didn’t get a rise – which let me tell you was extremely hard not to do.

However, my dearest Kato received something special today. You can read about it on her blog here. However I will quote: “I’ve seen better heads on a cock” – referring to her headshot byline in the newspaper. No really, that happened.

I’d be lying if I said this shit doesn’t make me fucking angry. But I’d be more angry if it wasn’t clearly the brain-mad of a one-off man mental and almost slightly amusing, but in any case, what makes me super angry is that male journalists don’t get this shit. The most they get is some racist ranting down the phone about an article they wrote about refugees. They don’t get hand-written, posted With A Goddamn Stamp hateful invective about their looks. And I can tell you there is barely a single one of my female colleagues who has not received this crap. It’s not that I want my lovely male colleagues to be subject to abuse, I don’t, it’s just that it’s all a bit unfair.

And it occurs more specifically and frequently when women EVER dare to write about lady-things.

Oh jesus, we’re back here again. *sigh* However, it is gratifying to know that ninety-nine point nine nine nine per cent of these cunts are sad couch masterbators whose last experience with a lady person was watching a video on “smart woman gets too big for her boots, gets reamed by bunch of mechanics” on RedTube.

We can say this to ourselves all we like, but really, is there any fucking need? Ladies put up with enough every day – hey send me hate mail it you disagree, I’ll just laugh at that fact I made you stop, made you stare, took time out of your dumb-ass-life to respond. You could have made a cup of tea instead. Or cleaned the car. Or paid a bill. Your loss.

Imagine someone responding to you doing your job by sending you a letter/email that starts “hey, ugly” or “you’re not good-looking enough to rape” or “you need to have sex / be raped / etc because you are clearly so frigid…..etc etc” when all you’ve done is write a story about childcare or horrid male trolls or sustainability.

Well good news people. We’re all GLAD as all hell you fuckers don’t fancy us. And our ability to do our jobs is inversely proportional to the life force you spend on your stupid opinions. Get a life, get a hobby, get a goddamn pet. Or keep wasting your time being a loser. Whatever. Because we all laugh at your pathetic attempts at whatever it is you you are doing in the office. That’s right; we mock you. We show everyone your tome of shitefulness and laugh our asses off. At you. Because we are stronger and better than you. And you, sir, are a douchebag.


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