After spending much of my childhood flouncing around in pretty dresses and walking up a pretend aisle with a white pillow case on my head, I’ve decided I’m not all that fussed about getting married.

If not for the reasons outlined below, then because of this article on Gawker, snappily entitled The World’s Most Hipster Wedding Announcement May Justify Outlawing Love.

You can also see the craz-ee in love couple’s Actual Website here. Jess & Russ. While the author admits in a later post that Jess, who emailed him, is actually a rather nice person, it takes not away from the fact that this is Way Way WAY OTT FFS.

As my friend Carara, who pointed me in this direction said: “It makes me want to punch weddings in the face. Vom”

Quotable quotes:

“I scrolled through this entire page (it’s the length of a football field) and I feel like I just married Zooey Deschanel. TWICE. “

4. After designing your wedding site, step back and ask yourself IS THIS TOO CUTE? Because it is. Remove at least half the twinkling stars.

The whole thing, whilst nice – and I’ve enjoyed some lovely weddings – seems a lot of fuss and bother. I’ve written enough stories and wedding-y things to be quite put off. I care not for cars and flowers or a dress that could pay my mortgage for a few months.

I wouldn’t mind being married at some point – and get a couple of super Noice  pieceas of new jewellery because I’m a magpie – but the very thought of even how to go about a wedding hurts my mind-brain. And I cannot even start to think how one could or would have the inclination, the time, the patience or the motivation of have a Wedding Website. Ouch.


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One Response to Wedding-arama-ama

  1. Carara says:

    As much as I wish that comment was mine, it wasn’t. Some witty so-and-so wrote it in the comments section… Just call me Cara ‘opinions are rarely my own’ rarara etc etc.

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