Crazy Old Blind Man Picks on P-Midz

So Karl Lagerfeld doesn’t like Pippa Middleton’s face. Oh FFS.

Karl doesn’t like much really and he likes to tell everyone about it.

To be honest, it’s rather mean, especially coming from a dried up old septegenarian who constantly looks like he’s sucking a lemon. He also recently apologised for calling Adele fat. But Adele doesn’t need to be a twiglet; she’s prodigiously talented and doesn’t want  to live on three diet cokes and a handful of tic-tacs every three days to fit into Lagerfeld’s ridiculous clothes.

Lagerfeld is irrelevant and stupid and a la Kyle “who are you calling fat you horrible mysogenistic bastard?” Sandlilands, is a massive fuck-off pot calling a lovely kettle black.



Lagerfeld. *ugh*

While I’m not a fan of P-Midz per se, really, there is little Pippa can do about, what is quite frankly rather nice face, however Lagerfeld, I’d suggest, could do a fuck of a lot of about his attitude and manners.


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