The Penny Drops

So Jimmy Saville is a horrible child-raping paedophile? Thank Fuck I never wrote into his TV show Jim’ll Fix It all those years ago (couldn’t decide what I wanted him to ‘fix’ for me). Also, anyone who has seen clips of him in the last 20 years MUST have realised he was a massive perv. Come on.


* “Now then, now then…”

(Dear BBC: You can’t defame a dead person. Shoulda really aired the doco about him being a paedo, shouldn’t you? Booh.)

And now apparently he’s been at it in the same room as convicted paedo Gary Goddamn Glitter in the 80s. The media¬†alleges there was another “big name TV personality” present. Les Dawson? One of the Two Ronnies? Jesus, if it’s Bruce Forsythe I can’t believe in goodness any more.


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