What’s in Your Handbag All the Stuff and All the Things?

Sorry, snipped this from the comments on the last post about handbag contents. But send me yours. I’ll post em cos I am a curious bugger and goddamit people, I’d like to know. There may be a crisis and we might have to pool our resources.

  1. I thought I just had the usual keys, purse, mobile in my bag, until I took a proper look. Behold:
    – a €50 itunes voucher
    – my colleagues tie
    – a corkscrew (I echo your ‘be prepared’ sentiments, clearly)
    – 2 USBs
    – 4 pens
    – 2 types of eyeliner
    – tampons
    – cherry Tic Tacs
    – some crazy strong painkillers
    – 6 business cards, nearly all of them people I don’t recall meeting
    – a plastic knife (aw look, between us we have a place setting)

    *I give this an 8/10 for preparedness and general fucking brilliance.

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