Sanitary Products Reveal Sense of Humour. Finally

Well played, Bodyform. While I care not whether your sanitary lady-products come in a “funky new” designer packet, I salute you.

“The blood coursing from our uteri like a crimson landslide”

Why sanitary product companies have a Facebook page is beyond me. Look how well that worked for dangerous, infantile, patronising¬†unnecessary product peddler FemFresh. However, if I get periods ever again (and I don’t) I will buy these ones. I might even buy them even if I’m not going to use them. Because a chap posted on Bodyform’s FB page about “being lied to” over the 80s ads involving blue liquid and rollerblading and such and quite amusingly complained this was very far from the reality of menstruation.

This was Bodyform’s response. Perfecto.


* for some reason stupid wordpress will only let me post links. Damn you wordpress!


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