Even Monkeys Support Equal Pay

Capuchin monkeys won’t accept unequal pay for identical roles. So why should we? Also, this video is hilaire.

You can read the rest of this fine article here at Daily Life

“But the gender pay gap still exists today across many industries. In July 2012 The Age reported that three years after graduating, men out-earned women in healthcare by $14,500 a year; in management and commerce by $7000; in education by $2000; and, in law by $2600 a year.

Not only does this gap widen as people become more senior, the Australian Bureau of Statistics reports that the gap between men and women’s earnings actually widened by 0.8 of a percentage point since the last time the gap was measured.

Change is, however, on the way. Last Thursday the Workplace Gender Equality Act was passed by the Senate. The Act aims to close the 17.5 per cent gender pay gap that separates women from men’s income and remove other forms of gender inequality in the workplace.”


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