Misogyny FAIL. Harr

Will famous people never learn? Stupid misogynistic comments + Twitter = LOLs

Former international rugby player David Campese basically banged on about how ladeez should’t be allowed to to be sports reporters because they are girls. Then he accidentally posted his mobile number. One can only imagine with much gleeful hand-rubbing the delightful texts he got from people who thought he was full of shit.

While he has “apologised” it’s terribly nice to see other rugby players don’t share his views that a uterus is a massive inhibitor to understanding the rules of a GAME. Damn my innards! I find it so HARD to distinguish between a ruck and a maul! My tits wont let me comprehend WHY they are having a lineout! Why is that a penalty? My ovaries won’t tell me!


Campo tweet

Dual international Wendell Sailor wrote: “Well good morning to u Campo & i have to say u are on ur own with this comment it’s 2012 champ.”

Wallaby flanker David Pocock, in Wales ahead of this weekend’s Test tweeted: “Really sad to see journos attacked based on their gender. Or a grown woman referred to as a ‘girl’ #destroyingthejoint,” Pocock wrote.

Campese also added: “Sometimes it is good to see some people react to thing you say. Please relax and see the light side of life. All press are the same.”

Yes Campo, breaking into a male-dominated area of the profession and battling hard on account of your gender and having to listen to crap from an old twat like you – who cant even spell I might add – is as serious as morning television. Of COURSE all press is the same. Apart from the lady-ones. Ammarite?


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2 Responses to Misogyny FAIL. Harr

  1. kate says:

    I thought I was immune to this sort of thing but this actually shocks me. I am shocked. Also I miss you. Please come back to me.

  2. I am not coming back until you update your blog.

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