Mental Mancrush #1 The Hayemaker


There are many many worse things you can do at 8.30pm of an evening than watch I’m a Celebrity: Get Me out of Here. I say this because a) it is a surprisingly brilliant show and b) it features my latest, greatest mancrush: former WBA boxing champion, eye-popping man candy and all round smart, funny and totally charming chap David Haye.


The Hayemaker is also frequently shown showering sans pants, which is a double-triple bonus wordscore.


I’m no big fan of boxing per se but this man, this beautiful beautiful man, is the only boxer in the history of ever to beat an opponent who weighed seven stone more than him in the ring.

davv*Yeah, he beat this guy.

AND he loves his mum.


What? One more picture you say? Of course.



And another for good luck





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