Katy Perry is the Love Goddess of Fun and Awesomeness

I have spoken before about my enduring love for Le Perry, after watching her doco Part of Me (which I did again on the plane, because clearly, If I’m Not Right I Don’t Want to Be Wrong) but it bears repeating.

I love Katy Perry. I’m even trying to configure my stupid-arse computer at 6.30am so’s I can iTunes her album or such. Look, I’ve been flying overseas for 24 hours and had a couple of whiskies. Give me a break, godamn you. In any case, I was torn between Firework, which is actually my favourite and Part of Me, which has an awesome chorus, but settled on Teenage Dream.

Because I’m 34. And I would very much like someone (eventually, not now thanks) to come into my life and make me feel like that. I’m an adult on paper but holy mothering fuckballs I don’t feel like it. In the slightest. I may never grow up. I’ll pay my bills but I reckon I’ll always be that person that says at 3am “that sounds like a great idea”.

So here, have Katy Perry’s Teenage Dream. Because I said so.

* this is not actually the official video. I couldn’t get a good copy of it, but whatevs..


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