I Done Made Me A Burns Supper

This photo basically says everything about how I feel today. I see your national holiday Australia, and I raise you one Burns Night. Clearly I’m a week early due to unforeseen circumstances but if the number of empty whisky bottles in my house are anything to go by, we’ll need a week to recover.*


And for a bonus round, if you will insist on cooking a three-course dinner for 12 people and getting completely motherfucking melted, you have to be prepared to do the mountain of fucking dishes piled up around your sink the next day.

OR you could laze around outside, drinking hangover cider, half heartedly piling up more dishes and glasses, vacuuming a bit and thinking to yourself: Shan’t. That’s what Sundays are for….

*Items found post-mortem: Four eskies, 1.5 bottles of wine. One inch of whisky. An iPad. Cat vomit. Broken glass. All the dishes and glasses In The World.


About ohhellwhatthehell

I like gin, mittens and otters, not necessarily in that order. Here's some stuff I felt like writing down when I'm not chained to a desk writing other things for a living. Please use caution when using this site; there may be sweary words, cute animals and general bullshit. Don't say I didn't fucking warn you.
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