Passive-Agressive On BABEEEZ

Some friend of a friend of a friend posted this on Fb today.

“Since announcing that XXXXX & I are going to be parents, we’ve had a lot of people say to us that we won’t be able to afford to do this or do that any more, we’d better get used to no sleep, we won’t be able to travel any more, it’s going to be ‘so hard’ for us, we won’t be able to have the same lifestyle we enjoy now, our house is going to be a mess all the time so get used to it, our bills are going to go through the roof, etc. Being neither naive or stupid, we do realise all of this and we are embracing the fact our lives are going to change. Dramatically, and more importantly, for the better. We’ve also had nothing but support and excitement and offers of help from our family and true friends. This means a huge amount to us both – this is a big THANK YOU to all of you.”

Ok, let’s talk. First of all, who the actual fuck is saying these things to you? I’m guessing not the childless ones because they’d have no idea and probably say “congrats” and then be all sad in their head that you won’t get smashed on cheap cider in the sun with them anymore.

So, it’s the ones with kids. What a bunch of cunts. You need to get new friends. Or drop a lot of the ones you have. Or even, and this is a big one, don’t munt about this shit on Facebook. Just as suggestion.

Firstly, I don’t understand why anyone would tell a couple in their 30s, the wife of which is ALREADY PREGNANT, all of those horrid things. But then also why you’d want to do that passive-aggressive thing of whining on FB rather than telling those people (who should not be your friends anyway unless they can congratulate you and be supportive and nice) to fuck the fuck off. Unless they’re your family, cos that’s awkward. But you should also tell them to FTFO.

In any case, it sounds like the married childed-up bullshit asshole ones who are being massively shite to you. Why so judgemental? And why are you engaging them with a passionate speech? People have children. No point in wanking on after the horse has bolted. Get new friends. Tell the others to fuck off. Sideline your single friends by all means, although they’re not the ones who will tell you you’ve ruined your life. They’re probably secretly thinking it and wishing it wasn’t so but a few years down the track you’ll be begging them to take you somewhere cool for a cocktail and they’ll probably say yes even though you’ve ignored them for years.

I fail to understand this post. People (??) have been horrid and negative about you breeding. Yet most people have been nice. Get yo shit together hon, you’ve got bigger things to deal with. 1. a baby.

But also call those fuckers out. And cut them out. Jesus. My friend called me to tell me she was pregnant and I said “oh shit…what are you going to do?”. Appaz everyone else had congratulated her, which made me feel like an asshole until she said she appreciated my honesty because I clearly knew her so well and she’d made her decision and then I was massively happy for her.

Ain’t nobody got time for assholes. Ditch’em. Don’t whinge about them on social media like a bitch.


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