Le Motherfucking *SIGH*

The stupid sexist arsehole menu debacle (which stinks to high heaven) – small tits, massive thighs and a red box (re: our PM)

Sattler quizzing the PM if her partner is gay because “he’s a hairdresser”.

The Socceroos coach telling TV women “should not be allowed to talk in public”.

Oh fuck. On the one hand it’s a big bowl of fuck (excuse the language, but it’s really just that. I cant think of any better or more imaginative way to describe it) but on the other, maybe it will motivate women and men, who are not total fucksticks to take action on this and say “fuck no”.

It’s been an UNREAL week for women. Having vaginas and tits really holds us back. Being rapeable and easily scared by threats of sexual violence makes us total Pussies. We suck! Being a woman sucks!

Should we tell all our daughters and mothers and sisters and cousins and aunts and friends and basically Half of the Stupid Population not to walk alone, not to get drunk, not to get a taxi alone, not to speak up, not to be a gamer, not to have a blog, not to criticise a rape apologist who makes money off idiots (that Tyler guy) in case she gets rape threats, not to be a journalist, not to be a politician, for the sake of all that’s holy, dont aspire to be PM, not to expect equal pay for an equal job, to be told that jokes about rape, rather than smart jokes about rape culture are funny and they should suck it up, to expect she will be either sexually assaulted or assaulted at least once in her life because that’s how the stats add up and please see the first 8 points above because being female makes you a lesser being and you should suck it The Fuck Up?

Hell no. But as all these cuntish misogynistic bullshit archaic super-male attitudes are being exposed, it would be nice is we ALL did something. Men can be feminists too. Or if they’re a bit not, they can help, appreciate and support the women in their lives and treat them like people. And speak up.

I’m so mad I could almost smash a puppy (I said ALMOST). Despite the fact I’ve got a fanny and big boobs, I can pre-etty much guarantee you I am smarter, more competent, more capable, nicer and have better grammar and spelling than 85% of the men you could flag down on William Street of an afternoon.

I’m not bragging (ok, I am) but REALLY? We don’t talk about Abbott’s cock or Howard’s possibly lesbian wife. My male colleagues don’t get emails about them being “ugly” or “too ugly to rape” or “deserve to be raped” when their headshot appears on an article they write, particularly if it is on “ladeez issues”.

There’s no menu that offers Mal Brough’s balls, gently sauteed in white wine and served with a side of “I’m a liberal wanker”.

There’s the ADF scandal (ongoing). There’s that wanking man I saw a few months ago. The parole board that sought to see fit to release Adrian Bayley after 20 rapes (that we know of) against 16 women and then he would go on to rape and murder Jill Meager. The Stubenville trial. The lack of recognition of what rape and sexual assault does. And the willingness of some people to use even the words and the threats of it to silence women. Shit you can threaten me. I’ve been there. But your words echo a kind of violence you will never understand and you should be ashamed of.

All I can see is that perhaps men and women (because this affects all of us, as people, and many men are totally awesome and very much not down with this kind of shit, for which we admire and respect them) are making their voices heard and must continue to do so. I’ve got no answers but I’m increasingly angry that having ovaries makes me a target for bullshit and we need to cut this down to the quick. I almost feel like Emmeline Pankhurst (before historians thought her King’s horse thing was an accident, maybe) because I’m so mad I could scream.

But not mad enough to throw myself under a horse, I hasten to add. But the more we call this shit out, the better life will be. Just as the Adam Goodes fuckedup bullshit shone a light on racism, let’s treat this as an opportunity to try and stamp down on misogyny.

There will always be the naysayers – the ones who tell us (for whatever reason, race, gender, sexual orientation) to “get over it”. But they say that from a position of privilege and power; from a position of never having experienced prejudice, violence, discrimination simply because of Who They Are. Things they can do nothing about.

With great power comes great responsibility, but with all of us the sun rises and it sets. Many prejudices have been (almost but still never) defeated. Either you are for us or agin us (yes, I meant that “typo”. It is in Scots)

So there you have it. Also, #golions. That is all. As you were.


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