This Is Almost the Only Thing That Will Make it All Better

Oh yes. When in doubt, turn to Henry Cavill.

In a week of shitty politics, misogyny and redundancies, he is the only thing that can makes things right. As long as there are lovely, lovely pictures of Henry Cavill on the internet, you know that the world can’t be that bad.


See here, if you don’t mind losing a good 15 minutes out of your life, maybe more. Get yo’self a new screen saver if you will.

Look at a Lovely collection of Lovely Henry Cavill photos. Here!

The darling Kato flummoxed me today (after seeing said Cavill-picture-marathon) by asking: If you had to interview either Henry Cavill or Kit Harrington at the same time, who would you choose?

A: Henry Cavill

Q: If you know that Henry Cavill would be perfectly delightful but you had a 50-50 chance that Kit Harrington would fall in love with you, who would you choose?

A: Ummmm, ummmm. AAArrrrrggggggg!!!

Q: If you knew there was a 25% chance Henry Cavill would fall in love with you and a 75% chance Kit Harrington would, who would you interview?

A:………………………………Henry Cavill. I do adore Kit’s ability to stare moodily into the middle distance but Cavill says he used to be fat and likes women that eat actual food. I am a woman. I also like food. It’s the greatest love story never told. For reals.


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