I Once Inadvertently Ruined the Life of a Tool

Yes, me. Appaz (and I didn’t see the email because it went to the COS email address and was deleted quickly, as all crazy mail is, but I am reliably informed….) I ruined a man’s life because I wrote a story about why Game of Thrones was so popular.

game3***gratuitous pic of Khal Drogo.

El dude read it (it contained No Spoilers Whatsoever and Was At Least a Week After the Red Wedding FFS) and went ballistic. Writing in BIG SHOUTY CAPITALS that got increasingly more angry that I had ruined everything, including his life because I had written about GoT, specifically about season 3, which he had not seen because he was waiting for the DVD.

Appaz, his email descended into CRAP ARSE BALLS (no really) and other playground insults. Fun, no?


*oh, the cast having some well deserved FUN

Well, crazy man. Number 1. Five of the books have been written. They exist. They are out there. People who have read them KNOW WHAT HAPPENS. 2. These people, including myself, have been quite lovely and not banging on about who fucking dies. 3. You didn’t have to read the story I wrote. Next time, shut your eyes and turn the page.  4. It contained no spoilers whatsoever because I’m not a total cunt and I couldn’t be arsed with the hate mail that would follow if it did and I was (apart from yours, thank you, sir) 5. Oh Jesus. It’s a TV series. Possibly the most popular in the world, ever. You can’t stay immune if you choose not to watch it in real time / a day later, but instead wait MONTHS for the DVD to come out. Christ, you emailed the goddamn complaint. For the love of god Don’t Look At The Internet! because it will tell you what happened! And people, bloody people who actually saw the episode that got you so upset because everyone is raving about it and you haven;t seen it because you’re “saving yourself” for the DVD – don’t hear them speak!

See? I could have put in a spoiler but I did not. Oh sorry, everyone dies. Or do they? Fucking watch it and find out.

In the meantime have some pictures of the cast, a gratuitous picture of Khal Drogo because I love him and also a montage of non-book readers reacting to the “Red Wedding”. Oh, and dear upset man, close this window NOW.

But Look! Looky here! Here’s an interview with the man himself George RR Martin and also his reaction to people freaking out cos he killed off some people. Oh he’s totally amazeballs. Yeahs.

“I want my readers and my viewers to be afraid to turn the next page…” But also he says he was at a GoT party with a whole bunch of actors who did not know they would “die”. Apart from one. Who had read the book. Dah.


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