GO LIONS! Also, Winners Are Grinners

Oh yeahs, the British and Irish Lions got the best of the Wallabies. Seriously, one of the best rugby matches I have seen in years.

But let’s give it all up for Lee Halfpenny, the best kicker EVER. O’Connor’s poor form was replaced by Kurtley, who basically fluffed it in the dying minutes, failing to kick a penalty that would have assured the Wallabies victory.

But it’s not Kurtley’s fault they lost. The game was lost long ago (and also, why the fuck did’t australia put Kurtley on ages before they did?) Running with the ball he is (and proved to be) deadly.

In any case, I made a deal with Hoppo to let the Lions decide my future. If they won, I’d do what I was talking about. If not, I’d stay. So I had a fair bit riding on it.

However, it was fucking BRILLIANT to see the Lions roar and win and shit. Let’s not talk about the fact I missed the opportunity to watch the game with eight Force players at a fancy house SOR because I am an Idiot.

lee1 lee2Lee Halfpenny. A god among rugby players. Best kicker EVER.



Sure, I could go to some dodgy club they are all heading out to but I’m at home. Super knackered. However, there’s always next week. Right?


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One Response to GO LIONS! Also, Winners Are Grinners

  1. kate says:

    Rugby eh? I mean eh? EH?

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