Charles Saatchi: Morally Repugnant Asshole of the Year

Despite pretty much irrefutable evidence that he grabbed his wife by the throat at a restaurant, Saatchi maintains it was all in the name of fun or such, reports to a police station to accept a caution because he wants to put it all behind him, then he makes a statement to a newspaper saying he’s getting divorced because Nigella didn’t make a public comment defending his hideous behaviour.

What a keeper.

Let’s not mull over why so many people saw the incident and decided not to intervene, or why Saatchi believes he did nothing wrong, clearly totally ok with exacting an act of violence in public. No, let’s not.

And let’s not dwell on the stupid commentators who wanked on about why Nigella had a responsibility to come out and say something about it (she doesn’t).

Instead, let’s have a wee old think and a chat about domestic violence. And why we live in a world where a man can assault his wife in public and no one does anything. Oh, apart from taking pictures.

Now this infuriating scum of the actual earth has the temerity to tell a newspaper that  his soon-to-be ex-wife is a massive bitch because she didn’t tell the world it was actually her fault and she’s just really clumsy and is always walking into doors.

The deeply ingrained bully mentality of Saatchi is astounding. Even more so the belief that he has done nothing wrong.

Fame and wealth do not make anyone immune to domestic violence. Let’s just reference partner-beating fuckstick of the century Chris Brown here. yeah, No Stars Ever, Chris Brown.

Domestic violence is about power and control (which Saatchi has in spades and doesn’t need to throttle his wife in public to prove it) so let’s not start beating our chests and bang on about what Nigella should or should not have done. Abusers are clever, they are dominating, they use more than fists to subdue their partners. As is evidenced by his statement to the newspaper, Saatchi has perhaps done the world a favour and exposed himself as the kind of narcissistic self-important bully that he is. Like a child, he wails about the unfairness of his wife not coming out and saying it was all in jest. She didn’t, because it wasn’t.

I hope that this event hits him where it hurts. His over-inflated pride and his wallet. I hope that right-minded people refuse to do business with him. Unlike his brother, who has breakfast at his dead wife’s grave every morning, Saatchi (C) is an asshole of the first order.

No Stars Ever, Charles Saatchi.


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  1. Thank you ..just thank you

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