The Australian Federal Election is Not a Matter of Life and Death…

It’s far more serious than that. Not that most Australians consider it so. Clever ole Mad Monk Abbott has left it until 48 hours before the election to publish his costings on elections promises. Which means only journalists and people who read news are going to see what he’s going to do with the country. Advertising blackout as of 12pm tonight. Well played, Abbott, you asshole.

Anyway, readers of far-flung places, please see the ongoing merry-go-round of farce the Australian election has become. I look forward to spending half my Saturday filling out my preferences 1 to 647 for the one-off brain mad-mentals that can gather together enough money ($500) to create a political party so I can scratch a number over 60 in their box. No cheers. They’re better be a sausage sizzle or booze at the polling booth. Preferably both.

Anyway, not Abbott, not LNP. For the love of god and all that’s holy, including Keynsian economics which I don’t understand but am lead to believe works. Kevin 07 gave us money for flatscreen tvs! $900 and he basically saved our economy! Free money! Jesus. At least he is not going to re-introduce TPVs and be a massive cunt about refugees even though there are millions of displaced Syrians and we should undertake the UN convention to accept refugees. I could go on. Mr Abbott is a sexist, misogynist, racist, anti-abortion, pro-business, pro-popular vote arsehole who will grind this country into the economic earth.

His party promotes business over the rights of individual workers, he suggests you vote for him because he has “not bad looking daughters” and candidates with “sex appeal”. He reckons all women do ironing. He thinks they don’t belong in the workplace, yet he will pay women earning $150,000 a year $75k to stay at home for six months to have children. What a big bowl of fuck.

I’m voting Labor in the Lower and Greens in the Upper.

I support Gay Marriage, Carbon Tax, the NBN. I’m not chuffed at all about Labor’s policy re: refugees but if they have promised to increase the number accepted into Australia via refugee camps and UN certs and seriously think they can stem the amount of those who drown by boat, then ok. Abbott will cut the number allowed into Australia (look at SYRIA) and then only give them TPVs and send them back “when it is safe”, meaning no one, ever, has permanent asylum in Australia, which is contrary to the UN and also human fucking decency. I’m going to stop before I smash something. See you on Saturday. Gah.

Anyway .Looky here.

Don’t be a fucking

And guess what? These guys below will get heaps of votes because the two major parties are massive idiots.


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