Make Me a Goddamn Sandwichgate Just Got Funnier

#300feministsandwiches. Brilliant.

26 of the Best Twitter Reactions to thePost’s ‘300 Sandwiches’ Story

A tuna fish sandwich, hold the bicycle.A tuna fish sandwich, hold the bicycle.Photo: iStockphoto

“Today we learned about Stephanie Smith, a successful New York Post writer who embarked on an intense cooking spree for her boyfriend after he promised an engagement ring as soon as she’d completed the fairy-tale-esque task of making him 300 sandwiches. As in, “without fail every morning.” Smith is currently at No. 176 and insists it’s cool and normal to be with someone who exclaims, “Honey, you’re 300 sandwiches away from an engagement ring!” (Our friends at the Cut think it might not end well.) In any event, not content to let this ride, Twitter users reacted to Smith’s plight with the #300feministsandwiches hashtag, co-opting book titles, names of feminist authors and suffragettes, and even Ruth Bader Ginsburg in the process to make things right. There are now lots of empowering and brilliant snack suggestions out there, and 26 of the best are straight ahead.”

An here, here be some of my favourites.

Fuck You Make Your Own Sandwich You Overentitled Manchild with Basil Mayo

A Reuben of One’s Own

Suffrage on Rye

Ham and Germaine Gruyere


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