Appaz I am “Nothing but a Sick Freak/Nazi”: Discuss…

Whilst working as a journalist, I developed a rather thick skin, something I am quite proud about, given I was pre-etty fucking sensitive in my youth. Now, presuming I’m right and you don’t come at me with a knife, I mostly don’t give a fuck.

Yes, the pen is mightier than the sword and never is that better evidenced than by people who make ill-informed, nonsensical, trolling comments.

When will the idiots of the world learn that providing a clear, concise and well-executed argument will serve them better than this tripe?

One Response to Dr Jill Schools Massive Asshole Troll

  1. A female says:

    You are a NOTHING but a modern day Nazi. Trying to a ruin a man because he has a difference of opinion?! Where did you get your PhD? The ladies at the Moonlight Bunny Ranch have more class than you will ever have. And by the way…
    You sick freak

This is the high-school equivalent of “I know you are you say you are but what am I?” OR “You are. Your Mum is…” Bravo, mon troll, bravo.

Well done “A Female” – if you are one, which I highly doubt. Sorry if I’m being a bit suss, but that sounds like exactly the kind of internet avatar a Man would use.

Once again, like we did with Appaz I Am an Ego-driven No-Fun Conceited Women (sic) I’m going to use the right of reply.

Let’s look at the article that so upset “A Female”: Dr Jill Schools Massive Arsehole Troll.

The facts in this case, according to several publications, as well as Dr Jill, read thusly: She’s a sex therapist and writer. A dude sends her a horrid email debating her choice of using condoms with her husband. Feels sorry for husband, asks why she doesn’t “raw-dog him” (I phrase I have learned which means “bareback”, implies she’s a massive bitch).

Man is revealed to be a colleague of her stepmother. She asks him to no longer contact her. He does by getting his wife to call her family to prevent her from publicly addressing his disgusting communication. Etc Etc.

This entire debacle is public knowledge. I find it hard to believe my own personal troll (whose comment I have approved on this site) is unrelated to this incident.

So for the benefit of future trolls (fat chance) and me and for right people everywhere, once again, I’m a-gonna deconstruct your effectively bullshit, offensive and meaningless argument, one step at a time.

1. You are NOTHING but a modern day Nazi

Ok, “a female” (smirk) Do you know what the Nazis actually did? They killed tens of millions of people for reasons of race, religion, sexual orientation, disability etc etc. I have done none of these things. I haven’t even killed a single person. Not even the ones I don’t like. Sorry. Apart from this blog, I haven’t tried to force my ideology on anyone, invaded countries or set up labour/concentration camps. I have not pursued a vile and radical program of scientific torture, nor have I told (successfully) the common people what to think and do, even though it is abhorrent to every decent mind.

2. Trying to ruin a man because he has a difference of opinion?!

A difference of opinion is very different from a man, unsolicited, writing you an abusive letter about why you don’t fuck your husband without a condom and how much of a terrible person you must be for denying him this basic right. That is a VALUE JUDGMENT. It is not entering into a debate in a mature, sensible way, it’s basically kind of gross. I question why said man felt strongly enough about Dr Jill’s articles to send her a personal note, decrying her choices and questioning why she would screw her husband this way, as if the husband had no say at all. It’s intrusion, it is beyond the bounds of “debate” and “difference of opinion”. It is creepy and weird.

See here, part of the original letter:

I read that you have been with your guy for five years and have never had sex with him without using condoms.  What is the point of that?  What are you trying to prove?  Now that you are MARRIED to him, are you going to allow him to have some condomless / bareback / raw / “naked penis” sex with you?  You are not doing anything to help further the cause of sexual health by denying your husband of this perfectly natural activity that almost every other married couple in the world enjoys on a regular basis.  If anything, you are discrediting yourself with this silly campaign.  

I agree with you that condoms are a fact of life and arguably a necessity for those who are having sexual relations outside of a monogamous relationship, but it is ridiculous to promote them for people who are married or in committed relationships. Hormonal birth control works just fine for pregnancy prevention, and monogamy (with an uninfected partner) is 100% effective in preventing STIs.  For a man, using a condom feels almost like wearing a piece of tupperware on his dick, and I do not understand why anyone would bother with them when they don’t have to…especially you and your HUSBAND.

Do you see what I mean? Not intelligent, insightful or adding to the debate. Just….weird and intrusive.

I’m not trying to “ruin” this man. Apart from his first name, I did not identify him.

Let’s carry on:

3. Where did you get your PhD?

I do not have a PhD. I have an MA in English Lit and a Postgrad in Journalism. I would love one day to have a PhD but I’m probably going to let that dream go. But thanks for believing in me.

4. The ladies at the Moonlight Bunny Ranch have more class than you will ever have.

Sorry dude, I had to google that. It’s a brothel, right? Well, I’ve never been paid for sex (damn, maybe I should). But you, Sir, seem to be familiar with it. Let’s talk about ‘class’. To my mind, it’s knowing which cutlery to use, being able to be appropriate in various company and how to curtsy to a member of the Royal Family. Tick Tick Tick. I’d never heard that ‘class’ involved the reverse cowboy and taking two cocks at once (especially truck drivers’) but I’ll sure look it up. I can see my education is lacking. Presumably you have more experience in the area of hookers than I do.

5. You then directed me to THIS WEBSITE ARTICLE presumably from Yale Campus News:

*******It has come to my attention that this is NOT IN ANY WAY, SHAPE OR FORM an official YALE SITE. It is merely a drum-banging bunch of crap written by a vagina-hating bunch of dicks.

So read it if you really want to, but ‘mountain o’ salt’ y’all.

Ok, “A Female”, what’s your fucking point? Horses for courses, no? Everyone has a penchant for something. Your stupid, ill-informed, abusive and, quite frankly, idiotic comment has me flummoxed. You have far too much time on your hands to be slagging off a random blogger at the other end of the world. It’s sad and a massive misuse of your (presumably) some talents.

Why don’t you volunteer with the sick, disabled, homeless? Instead of writing silly invectives to random bloggers, why don’t you write a carefully thought-out article to the Huffington Post or NY Times about why this story is so unfair? You are wasting your life “A Female”.

I’m a SICK FREAK? Your comment lacks basic facts, misuses common phrases and is basically laughable. I am a regular person who does regular things and you have no basis at all for your assertion. You’re just nasty and hateful. You lack empathy. Do you know what EMPATHY is, hon? It is “The ability to understand and share the feelings of another”.

I’ve tried to put myself in “Ralph’s” shoes. And his wife’s shoes. But you rolls the dice, you takes your chance. You can’t (as ‘Ralph” did) write and send something in a red haze and expect to hurt that other person and also expect no response. That is the attitude of people who seek to subjugate those they see as weak. That is the way of dictators. And arseholes.

If slagging me off works for you, then fine ‘A Female’. I hope you feel better. I’m not going to change you or your view of the world. I know that. This diatribe is as much for me and others that read this than it is for you. But please know you can’t shout out into the world your pretty nasty stuff and expect that you will break or humble people by it. Expect comeback. You are not an island, nor are you invisible. No, you are accountable and by that token you should try just a little bit harder to actually form a reasonable argument instead of  just silly bad words.

Send all the slurs and abuse you want. I can take it. I just pity the people around you, some of whom cannot. Every day is a school day ‘A Female’. We live and learn. We learn tolerance and acceptance. We learn not to accept intolerance and bigotry and meanness. We learn to call it out. Your man made a mistake. A terrible, horrid mistake, by directly contacting a woman with his own hang-ups about condoms. He was told to stop. He did not. That makes him a massive dick.

These are facts. Putting a shitty comment on my blog will change nothing. You can write a million comments on a million blogs such as mine and it will change nothing. Keep on fighting your good fight, by all means. But if you do, for the love of god, get a new argument other than I am “a Nazi” or a “sick freak” because everyone pretty much thinks you’re mental. Hone your skills or learn Empathy. Your empty name-calling and bad logic calls you out. Channel your energies into something worthwhile or fuck the fuck off. Seriously, the world could benefit from your energy but this, my friend, was a pointless exercise. I hope you see that.

A female

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