Messages to Me from Those I Love…

In the last week or two:

“You’re a scumbag! But I’m also a scumbag. How the hell are you?”

“No message back motherfucker? Are you pissed off or something?  – no bullshit”

“I love you more than any dairy product you care to mention”.

“Your Synergy account is overdue by $132.19”. Oh, that’s not one (searches some more)

“Muppet. You are a Muppet.” Call me back, Muppet.”

“I may have to go to XXXXX to interview a cunt”.

“Go and Earn some fucking money FFS”

“Your cat is fat and she is also a bitch. Discuss”.


About ohhellwhatthehell

I like gin, mittens and otters, not necessarily in that order. Here's some stuff I felt like writing down when I'm not chained to a desk writing other things for a living. Please use caution when using this site; there may be sweary words, cute animals and general bullshit. Don't say I didn't fucking warn you.
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