Political Fucked Up Update

So, teh Rick Mazza from the Shooters and Fishers Party, who is now a goddamn senator because the Australian electoral system sucks balls and lets someone with less than 5% of the vote help lead the country and shit………………..I digress.

Mazza (insert appropriate swearword here) has gone postal on two things: the right of people with guns to shoot animals because they are pests and also, he belongs to the Shooters and Fishers Party and also he wants the govt to stop funding the RSPCA cos he reckons they’re dodgy.

Bye, bye, lovely fluffy animals. Mazza’s gonna buckshot you all in your goddamn cute furry little faces.

Super. In WA we have an untried, untested idiotic one-man-band whose only interests are dead animals in our Senate. Well done, the Australian democratic system. If this shit carries on I will refuse to vote and lodge my appeal against the stupid fine in the High Court based on the grounds that if some half-wit animal-killing muppet gets in to the Senate when he clearly has no mandate and dodgy preferences by mental micro parties get him there then my vote is useless. If this cunt can get in with less than 5% of the vote then I’m done.

This is NOT DEMOCRACY. It’s a fucking stupid system that, clearly in this case, screws everyone over. Razza has no thoughts or intelligence beyond “I want to shoot rabbits and foxes and kangaroos” and “I fish, I vote” and “I want to catch massively unsustainable fish and wipe them out of existence because I can”.

They say the Law is an ass. Democracy in Australia is an ass. If Mazza for a SECOND thinks he has a mandate to make decisions for West Australians, then he is sorely mistaken.

But it’s ok. In between someone (who?) telling him what the go is in Parliament, he’ll probably take the time to formulate some more batshit crazy ideas about education, defence, healthcare and such. Possibly ones that don’t involve shooting or fishing. Maybe not.

We may hate and despise and challenge politicians. But most of them (apart from “Environment Minister” Greg Hunt, who used Wikipedia to verify his climate change facts….derp…) know what they are doing. They have spent most of their lives involved in politics.

Despite what we see or hear or experience, the pressure on politicians – those with portfolios – is immense. And a lot of it is about promises and then compromises. I don’t know how these guys do it. Not at all. Ostensibly it is about the good of the people. In practice…aaahhh jeez.

On the bright side, Alannah MacTiernan is now in teh Parliament. In all the years I spent as a journalist, she was the only Minister to have a) made me cry (she did this to lots of journos) and b) Be so spectacularly knowledgeable, forthright, informed, eloquent, passionate and pretty much fucking spot-on than any other Minister I had ever interviewed that I love her even though she made me cry.

So we’ve got a fuckwit, WA. But we’ve also got one of the keenest minds to ever be in Parliament. Vale Alannah (“rhymes with spannah” she used to say…)

Help me Obi-Wan Kenobi, You’re our only hope.

I hate Australian politics right now. I’m trying to be detached and find the “funny” side, but, you know, all that shit about asylum seekers and benefits and mental illness and the carbon tax etc and now some WA nutbar (who has NO MANDATE. NONE! NADA! Christ!) trying to get the right to shoot animals instead of addressing the actual, proper issues of the day? Jesus WEPT.

It’s fucked. I’m out. And unless the electoral system changes I will be taking the fine I get for not voting in the next election all the way to the Supreme Court. I’m not paying that $50 non-voting fine because my vote doesn’t count for shit  under your preferencing  bullshit double-dealing, nonsense, undemocratic rules. The day some uneducated, biased, narrow minded, ignorant dickhead can become a senator with just over 3% of the vote is the day I say “fuck you, Australian legislature”.

I’ll vote again when it’s a level playing fields. I’ll vote again when I don’t have to number   1-67 IN ORDER OF PREFERENCE on a ballot sheet that’s a foot and a half long. I’ll vote again once the criteria for forming your own bullshit party and wasting the electorate’s time costs more than a few hundred dollars.

I’ll vote again (as I have EVERY time since I got my citizenship because I believe in the democratic right and that the ability to vote is crucial and should be exercised) once this bullshit merry-go-round of fuck stops happening.

A Senator should NOT be elected on preferences, with a few per cent of the vote. Now we are lumbered with a fucking idiot whose only aim is to shoot foxes.

We need adequate, passionate and experienced people to help make the decisions for our country. This is not it. And hey! Queensland! You got a guy from the Motor Enthusiast Party. Good luck with that.

So I am officially withholding my vote until this shit is sorted. Check yo’self before you Wreck yo’self, Australia. No jury in the world would convict me for choosing not to take part in this farce of a democratic process.

Fuck You Australia – I’m off tae Dingwall.


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