Michaelia Cash Take Note

This one goes out to you. Because you reckon feminism did its job decades ago. Now that we’ve got the vote, what else could we possibly want? Equal pay? A reduction in the frankly disgusting rate of violence and sexual abuse against women in this country? More women on corporate boards, in cabinet, rewarded for being sentient intelligent women rather than viewed as breeders who would cut and run as soon as their maternity leave entitlements kicked in? Things to be lovely and fair? Nah, we’ve got it good in this country.

In fact, Ms Cash deigned to say we’ve (us with boobs and vaginas and such) got it much better than women in Sierra Leone
when actually the country has TWO women in Cabinet. 100% more than the Abbott-led Australian Government.

I have no idea what goes on in your mind Ms C. and as far as I am aware you Don’t Have three “good looking” daughters so you must be hating on the ladies. Plus your fundamental misunderstanding of the concept of feminism is shocking and made me throw up a little in my mouth.

But don’t fret. Here’s a clip I grabbed off the internet from Mary Poppins. You are welcome.


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