Everyday Sexism….Reversed like a Mofo

This is brilliant. And funny. Leah Green is my new hero.

*Updated – it should be said that the comments made are based on ones received by women and posted to @everydaysexism.
Clearly they are of the terribly mild kind (I don’t see a “show us your cunt!” that I got from a moving car full of men last weekend, for example) however the video is amusing and I applaud Green.

Comments like these made to men, by women, rather than by men, to women, do very much lose much of their power – the power they have to cause fear, intimidate, sexually harass and generally make women feel scared, horrible and vulnerable, as well as mad as all hell.

If we’re going to analyse this, I’d say the mens’ reactions are worth thinking about. “You can’t say that” was about the most shocked or offended anyone got. It’s not going to change the world but if it changes some attitudes some and amuses me into the bargain, I’m happy.

And thanks to @Southsidesocialist for her comments, below. You are ACE.


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4 Responses to Everyday Sexism….Reversed like a Mofo

  1. It’s funny, but I think that’s all that can be said for it. I doubt any of those men had that gut-wrenching moment of wondering if the harasser was going to stand in front of them, block their escape route, yell sexual propositions at them, dish out verbal abuse because the victim says no, grope them, follow them down the street commenting on their bodies and asking for sex, or any of the other things every single woman has experienced

    • I absolutely agree. But realistically speaking, I don’t think any video/experiment of this kind would have that effect, including that French one*. The video is what it is – it’s not going to change the world but fuck it was funny. Fundamentally men will never understand what it is to deal with sexism, intimidation, sexual threats, harassment and violence on a daily basis. I had this reinforced recently when talking (separately) to two men I love very much. Men get defensive and bring up that one time it happened to them, or the fact they once got beaten up in a club. They don’t understand the constant, unending fear. However, this video was damn funny.

      *name of which escapes me at the moment….

  2. And, I’d have to say, it took a LOT of guts for her to do it, irrespective of camera crew etc.

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