Brave, Incredible and Heart-breaking: Jill Meagher’s Husband Speaks

The are no words to describe this article by Jill Meagher’s husband, Tom. The world desperately needs people like him. He is a brave, inspirational and incredible man. And I hope men and women read, understand and use what he says in everyday life. His article is stunningly heartbreaking but so brilliant, insightful and right on the money. How much of an incredible person is he to speak out in the way he has, for all women, not just his beloved wife? After all that has happened he is standing up for women everywhere.

His article will do untold good. His willingness to lay everything bare, no matter the personal cost, is more than admirable. I’m never a sucker for faux-sentiments (but totally am for cat videos), however my views on, and experience of, sexual assault are well documented on these here interwebs.

Another person who deserves all the credit and kudos and love and support and admiration is Rose Batty, whose son was murdered by her estranged (and violent) partner. She makes the very, very, very good point that leaving an a abusive partner is when a woman is most vulnerable. And that is when men murder their children as their ultimate revenge.

Watch this most amazing woman and weep.

The fact that someone who has suffered the insane, utter horrific kind of grief Tom Meagher can turn around and do something like this for those who cannot speak for themselves or make themselves heard is nothing short of astounding.

Just when you think your faith in humanity has been rocked to the core, here is Tom Meagher. I thank you Tom Meagher. May all good things come to you.

PS Fuck You Joe Hildebrand.


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