Sometimes, Scotland Should Fuck England Right Off

…….And with good cause. I present to you Exhibit A:


These two front pages are from today’s Daily Express – one from the English edition, the other from the Scottish. Whatever your views on Scottish independence, you have to ask yourself if the people of Scotland are really getting the facts about what would happen if they voted Yes.
Coming on the back of the Mail on Sunday’s shameful behaviour, I’m seeing a positive role for social media in challenging the press. In the old days, they would have got away with their distortions – now there are thousands of people eager to hold them to account.

Now I am no fan of my home country biting the bullet and going for wholesale Independence, because that way lies a path of broken dreams, promises and more people dying of heart disease.

On the other hand, we’d get to keep the submarines (maybe) the oil (Maggie Thatcher sold it all off to the Americans years ago) the Stone of Destiny (ummm), Deep fried Mars Bars (had one once – would not recommend it), Deep Fried; Pizza, Haggis, Cheeseburgers (fuck yes) Irn Bru and the One Pound Note. Although currency could be an issue.

*Le Sigh* You don’t have to look any further for casual racism from England against Scotland than the media. Every time Liz McColgan won, she was “British”. When she lost – totally Scottish. Same for Andy Murray.

The English claim not to hate the Scots (well, not as much as they hate the French, appaz) but when you add the Poll Tax (i.e. we shall start an experimental tax on the people. We shall tax Scottish people only and see how that goes…..), the bastarding way in which our national media, including – and one might say especially – television treats Scottish people on a daily basis, you could almost forgive them for shouting “freedom” and lobbing themselves headlong into the big bowl of fuck that is Independence. Almost. Scotland was the birthplace of Enlightenment, people. It produced TV, the telephone, penicillin, tarmac, Sir Walter Scott and lord knows what else. Use your brains, fellow Scots, not your hearts.


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