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Look! #SomeMen Get It!

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Oh, You GUYS…

Just passed 1000 posts and 80,000 views. Let’s celebrate with a video of a cat that is Much Better At Jenga Than You. It is! Look at it! Yeah, it’s probably a cunt at Scrabble, too.

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GRRM is Basically the Winner at Everything

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No, #NotAllMen. But Jesus fucking wept I can rustle you up a shitload of examples in under 10 if I could bear to read them. Yes, #NotAllMen, but a fucking lot of them. If one in three women are sexually … Continue reading

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Yes All Women

In the wake of the Santa Barbara shooting, Twitter has been going mental with the hashtag #YesAllWomen. Thousands of tweets every minute from all over the world and it’s currently one of the top trending tags worldwide.     Because … Continue reading

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Shooter Blames Women, Because Women

The Friendzone becomes the Killingzone. This 22yo is suspected of killing at least six people in Santa Barbara and injuring more. He’s clearly fucking mental in this video but it’s chilling as fuck. He blames women because they don’t like … Continue reading

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All the Single Cougars, All the Single Cougars

My late night television viewing habit has confirmed the reappearance of this advert on the gogglebox. Appaz it was banned from Australian TV in 2013 (the one last night I think has removed the young chick being pushed over) but … Continue reading

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