Budget, Abbott, Hockey, and All That is Basically Fucked

I can’t even summon the energy to write about how fucked the budget, the Abbott Government, Hockey, Cormann, Bernardi, Shaw (note: not Fed), Cash et al are. I’m too outraged in person. Broken pre-election promises, screwing over the most vulnerable in our society, getting rid of science, arts, advocacy, overseas aid, refugees, cutting disability pension, support for unemployed under 30, Indigenous programs, cuts to the ABC and SBS, increased fees and taxes, fuel excise, but $1m for a ballet boarding school and heaps o’money for rich women to have babeez and continued tax cuts/benefits to mining companies. Ok, put a fork in me, I’m done. Please see in videos WTAF this boils down to.

Sarah Ferguson, ABC journo of immense talent, school Treasurer Joe Hockey like a pro.

Here are the bastardly details (in short, let’s not forget the funding cuts to the Youth Affairs Council, anything to do with clean energy, the Aboriginal Legal Service, but Knights and Dames – ok!

Here’s how a LOT of people (including those who voted for the Abbott Government) feel/should feel:

And here’s two final little pics:



gill 4







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