Aaaaaannd the Winner Is…….

This cunt!

In response to my previous post How Fucking Dare You:

Hot C. Loads says:

Someone needs a good hard dick. Bloody hell. What a gigantic, meandering load of piffle.


Oh Hai, Hot C. Loads! (loving the name BTW – how on earth did you come up with it??)

1. Had one recently. Thoroughly enjoyed it. Relieved some of that tension and nasty feminism I was suffering from, I tells ya.

2. I’m glad you’ve brought this up, because you’re right – many of the world’s (and my) problems can be solved by a good, hard banging. The others are pretty much the domain of gin and rational thought/constructive debate. But one out of three ain’t bad!

3. You cared enough to comment and for that, I thank you. You read my massive whinge, you thought about it and you formulated a response. Whilst the comment you made (let’s be fair) neither adds nor subtracts from the sum total of human knowledge, you’ve just completed what I like to call the Golden Triangle of Dumbarse Predictable Male Responses to when women complain about being sexually harassed, assaulted and discriminated against. These Being:

a) Not All Men!

b) It Happens to Men Too!

c) You Clearly Need to Be Fucked by a Good Hard Dick.

As a bonus round, “You’re too Ugly to be Raped” sometimes makes an appearance but thankfully, not in this case. I like to think I am reasonably easy on the eyes but you know, horses for courses. And I won’t bore the readers with the psychology of rape –  I think most have a decent idea.

4. Here’s a picture of a cat! xxxxx Look at him! With the little box on his head! Pleasant.



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