All the Single Cougars, All the Single Cougars

My late night television viewing habit has confirmed the reappearance of this advert on the gogglebox. Appaz it was banned from Australian TV in 2013 (the one last night I think has removed the young chick being pushed over) but has popped up again.

Sometimes it’s a good litmus test to imagine a reversal of genders and then consider if the thing you are mad about is really something to be mad about. Sure, I’m not a fan of the ad – the word ‘cougar’ annoys me and it reinforces the perception that all women are shameless hussies that fight over hot young bucks. But do I hate it? Am I outrageously offended? Curiously, no. I am not.

But what has really, really pissed me off is the reasoning behind the banning of last year’s commercial, according to the Advertising Standards Board.

“The ASB also justified the ban because of the ad’s “sexually suggestive material and is offensive in its suggestion that older women can take care of young men better than younger women could“.


1. It’s not sexually explicit.

2. Using the ‘offensive’ barometer-stick as outlined above, I’d like to nominate KFC for being offensive in its suggestion that Mum always makes the dinner, adverts that make men look like stupid pathetic fools so women have to save the day with paper towels/washing up liquid/tampons. Ones with suggestions that all women love shoes and spend all their money on them. Suggestions that women can run a household and look after children better than men who can’t even get feeding their child a meal right on their own.

Colour me mental but I’m pretty sure this ad was banned after some complaints because a) there was a degree of discomfort over the subject matter and b) the woman in the advert is a porn star in real life.

As always, prepared to be proven wrong but confident I’m basically correct. Now what about that drink?


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