Shooter Blames Women, Because Women

The Friendzone becomes the Killingzone. This 22yo is suspected of killing at least six people in Santa Barbara and injuring more. He’s clearly fucking mental in this video but it’s chilling as fuck.

He blames women because they don’t like him and won’t have sex with him but they will with other guys. He calls this “an injustice and a crime”.

He details his painful virgin-status, his plans to kill every girl in a sorority house and talks about why everything is so unfair because girls won’t have sex with him and so he will have his revenge.

“If I can’t have you, girls, I will destroy you. You deny me a happy life and in turn, I will deny you a happy life.”

Jesus Fuck.


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2 Responses to Shooter Blames Women, Because Women

  1. He had no friends says:

    What I got from the video was that he had no friends at all either female OR male. Feel free to play the victim though from something that happened thousands of km away

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