Yes All Women

In the wake of the Santa Barbara shooting, Twitter has been going mental with the hashtag #YesAllWomen. Thousands of tweets every minute from all over the world and it’s currently one of the top trending tags worldwide.





Because I like to respond to all my fans out there and approve their comments, let’s look at this one: He Had No Friends says: (re: my post below on the crazed women-hating virgin) Submitted on 2014/05/25 at 1:26 pm

“What I got from the video was that he had no friends at all either female OR male. Feel free to play the victim though from something that happened thousands of km away”

Yes, No Friends guy, I got that too. But I had to listen to ONE HELL of a lot of violent, misogynistic vitriol about women deserving to die because they wouldn’t have sex with them before I weeded out the he hates lots of people and things.

I don’t think calling out the issue of violence against women is “playing the victim” through something removed from me by thousands of km. Because I, and ALL WOMEN, deal with harassment, threats, sexual violence every single fucking day. So don’t piss on me and tell me it’s raining.

Take a moment to read the tens of thousands of tweets posted by women on the behaviour, abuse, assault and attitudes they have put up with their entire lives. Because I’m sick of reasonable men downplaying what happens to women, YesAllWomen Every Fucking Day. I’m sick of them shoehorning themselves into the debate to whinge that it happens to men too.

Have a look at some of the tweets men have written in response to the #YesAllWomen tag – cute, aren’t they?


All you have to do is read the tweets written by women about their experiences for heaven’s sake. I know it’s hard to try and imagine that kind of harassment and treatment all the goddamn time but please do try. This is not misandry, this is feminism. When one woman dies at the hands of her partner/former partner in Australia every week and one in three women in the world will be sexually assaulted / attacked in their lifetime, I don’t think you can NOT see this as a problem.

To explain the relevance of the SB killings, have a read this from Clementine Ford’s article on the Daily Life:

“This is what misogyny and male entitlement writ large looks like. The denial of its existence is what allows ongoing violence against women to flourish. Women experience a broad range of gender related violence every day, from incessant street harassment to sexual assaults to murder. It is the shadow we live under and the threat we live in fear of, and we endure it solely because we are women. It’s what leads to a young girl being stabbed to death by a schoolmate because she won’t go to prom with him. And it’s what allows a young man to believe so fervently that he is ‘owed’ female attention and adoration that when he is repeatedly denied it, he decides someone must be punished in order to reinstate his power as a dominant male.”

In conclusion:

abuse and harm women, but have a right to be angry about the ones who do.

#YesAllWomen: Twitter’s powerful reaction to the Santa Barbara…

Under the hashtag #yesallwomen, a litany of complaints and outrages have swept across the Twittersphere. Within hours, the hashtag was trending internationally. Women raged against the violence that…


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