Here Be A Bunch of Cunts

This post needs very little explanation. Suffice to say I have a) written to the little cunt’s school principle b) am chasing down cunt 2 and c) have good leads on cunt 3, who deleted all his vile comments once ‘the media’ was raised.

This is the pic that started it all:


You cannot get away with this bullshit, whether you are 16 or 60. What y’all can’t see from this screen-shot-thingy is that the worst offender – Steve Parker, who posted images of rape, told a commenter to ‘kill herself’ and was basically vile – deleted all his crap. He privately messaged Clementine Ford to “explain” why he did so. It appears – fucking ironically – that she’s been banned from FB AGAIN. Despite calling out horrific images of rape and abuse, those images are never removed from FB as they don’t violate any policy. Yet an acclaimed journo who brings attention to it is penalised. Way to go, Facebook.

*PS I have deleted some comments for conciseness.

Clementine Ford

TW on this for rape culture, sexual assault.

Here’s what happens when you report a photo to Facebook that makes light of sexual assault and victim blaming.

I reported it for nudity because – fucking sadly I might add – I thought that I would have a better shot of getting FB to remove it than reporting it for violence against women.


Enter one Steve Parker (sorry, he deleted his posts before I could copy them, but please imagine they are about a million times worse than you’d predict…)

Lynn Edwards @Steve Parker:

“I don’t think post was intended to or even remotely promotes rape or rape culture or sexual assault…”

“… up your snatches”

Does that not strike you as being even remotely ironic? Unbelievable. I’m glad you think we’re scum of the universe for, y’know, promoting gender equality and human rights. Scum. Ja.

(edited for spelling)

Caroline Karolina Lipinski ugh facebook disappoints once again

Sarah Shadrach Steve: continuing to prove exactly why feminism is still needed.

Clementine Ford Pretty glad Steve Parker isn’t going to have kids.

Kellie Nash I saw that pic on my feed, fucking disgusting, whoever made that has no respect for women at all.

Alina Agaronyan Don’t worry Steve, there will always be someone to take Clem’s place.

Peeps Malone Wow Steve, lucky we have you to inform us of who does & doesn’t have adequate perspectives on the “real suffering of women”…

Simmone Emm Horrendous!!

Patrick Marlin Have had the exact same issues reporting things, it’s ridiculous!

Alina Agaronyan So Steve, you are saying that getting raped up your ass while asleep is not an issue?

Sarah Shadrach Oh dear Clem, don’t you know you’re doing feminism wrong? It simply isn’t possible to care about more than one issue at a time…

Lynn Edwards Grow up Steve.

Alina Agaronyan Steve you are so silly. Lets say your girlfriend is asleep, and then one of your male friends gently inserts his penis into her vagina. Then she wakes up. It’s not hard to get. That’s what the pic is about bro.

Megan Joan Rees Steve is obviously an avid defender of women’s rights and campaigns against female circumcision on a regular basis.

James Borchert Shouldn’t all you woman be cooking dinner or doing the laundry. Pleasing your man/lesbian lover.

Chantelle Bennett Aaaaaah, I do feel sad for the people who have to get their needs for attention met by being ‘controversial’ on Facebook. How clever and powerful they must feel telling online strangers to kill themselves! How fearsome and godlike they must feel, strewing ignorance around like flower petals! How puzzled they must be that although demigods online, real actual human relationships are a thing of mystery, and wrought only from contact with those who are equally baffled that the world hasn’t yet canonised them for their ‘red pill’ insight! Life is hard.

Dame-Sir Rayna Lamb Steve Parker, as someone who *is* actually `a spastic’ (I have Cerebral Palsy) and a feminist, you can fuck right off with your misogynist and ableist insults. I very much doubt you that you really do give a damn about the `real suffering of women’. Try typing with both hands on the keyboard.

Rachel Hills That is revolting.

Fleur Summers That image promotes rape and sexual assault.

Alina Agaronyan I hope all your dreams come true Steve. You got your girlfriend to come onto, so you probably should be asking her that question.

Clivey See Ok so it seems that everyone here agrees with each other except for Steve. Good luck to yas all

Sophie Redtomato Haha. I love watching all these women react like you are some violent misogynist, Steve. They really have no fucking clue.

Tiana Kettlewell It’s the best thing ever Sophie ^ THIS IS STEVE’S GF BTW

Carla Martins Clem I nearly always get this response. But when I follow through with the options of feedback after the report and raise my concerns again, I find then that it is almost always removed. I think the first must be automatic and the second must actually be looked at by someone.

Chloé Booker Pls block Steve. There’s no benefit in engaging with such hate-filled crazies. It’s distressing reading his vial comments towards women on this page dedicated to fighting misogyny.

Sam Cowan Pretty obnoxious & a waste of time, Steve Parker. On one hand I like that you’re engaging in the conversation & might receive a bit of education; on the other hand you’re pretty boring.

James Borchert I find it amusing

Alina Agaronyan Read the caption dipshit.

Alina Agaronyan Congratulations

James Borchert Well it made my night Steve.

Anne Slater I tried to get a page removed, it was called something along the lines of “I’m 12 Mum, I can do what I want” and featured barely teens practising to be porn stars. Supposedly it was fine by Facebook standards.
I came across it when my 12yr old cousin shared something from it.

Caleb Runge how does this promote sexual assault and victim blaming? It sounds like you’re being an uptight scrag trying to make everything out to be offensive towards women. Grow up.

*************NOTE: This guy is related to both of the BORCHERT guys. Nice role models, huh?

Jessica Anne Friedmann Jesus Clem if this is a tenth of what you go through on a regular day, then all the respect in the world to you. Raising a glass in spirit.

Chris Collins Facebook is run by people like Nathaniel, that’s why they never remove anything offensive. X (

(Steve’s GF posts some vile rape images…)

Caleb Runge For your information Marie I am sixteen, and as Steve said I am sick of your feminist bullshit. And i was not telling anyone how the world is i was just implying that the picture had nothing to do with sexual assault and victim blaming. And if you want to continue being a smartass you firstly need to be smart because at the moment you’re just looking like an ass.

Bec Hayes Wow. Steve – stop digging your own grave is my suggestion, your defensiveness and fowl language towards others on this post suggests remorse with the post? Just remove it, apologise and be done with it. Move on, otherwise I’ll enjoy seeing you on some form of live TV show apologising anyway. You’ve clearly offended people which shows it is wrong on some levels so stop defending it.

Petra Nolan What I find almost as disturbing as Steve Parker’s misogynistic hate-fuelled fury is the fact that there are women clicking like for his comments. Unbelievable.

Bec Hayes When I go to work tomorrow and work with the autistic children on my caseload, I’ll be sure to spread on your well wishes onto to their carers. I’ll say hello to the sexual assault victims for you as well if you like.

James Borchert Hahaha some form of live tv show. Yeah because the new snatches up every post on Facebook that people have an augment about.

Look out Steve this might land you on the 7 o’clock news hahahaha.

Sophie Redtomato Ladies, LADIES, this CARTOON isn’t rape. Say did any of you hear about the young girl in a village in India who was sentenced to being raped because her brother was accused of a sexual assault? She’d probably vomit on you all for making such a fuss about a cartoon like this. Shame on you.

Alina Agaronyan Steve you’ve been calling everyone a cunt. Yes we know we have vaginas. Lets move on.

Caleb Runge Does your husband know you’re not in the kitchen Marnie? He’s waiting for dessert.

Chad Hudson Don’t forget girls, fathers day promotes rape culture.

James Borchert Ouch^

Cameron Buckley *dessert

Courtney O’Byrne I have never read such vile comments in my life . Steve Parker you need psychiatric help at the least, locking up away from society at the most. Very distressing.

Vashti Violet I got that reply to a complaint about a xenophobic and racist page opposing a mosque in Currumbin on the Gold Coast. It was disgusting but that’s acceptable in the fb community. Sickening.

Petra Nolan As for making the debate ugly, personal and ad hominem, Steve Parker, you seem to the setting the gold standard for that. Pot kettle black? And don’t hold back with some puerile comeback about my appearance or my transgression of being a woman with a view and a voice and a moral conscience, but that’s fine. Bring it on. Makes you sound even more like a seven year old in the playground.

Gaz Crooke Hey Steve – you are an arsehole. Just Fuck off and find a rock to climb under. Parasite.

James Borchert Alex Rooke join the war bro. Having so much fun.

Chad Hudson It makes me sad that you all deem Steve as a vile person, just because he has a beard doesn’t mean he requires an psychiatrist.

I feel like we all should have an AA meeting.

Femdoms are friend’s, not misandrist’s

Bec Hayes Yep cause ‘go kill yourself’ comments are now the level you have arrived at. Good on you!

James Borchert Ok people he spelt dessert wrong. Not the end of the world I think we all knew what he was saying. #spellingnazi

Caleb Runge Oh I’m sorry I got 2 spelling errors in my last comment because I couldn’t give 2 shits to fix them, and talking about education it seems as though I would have more smarts in one of my brain cells then you do in that thick head of yours. And how does it make you feel having a fight over the internet with a sixteen year old when you’re around the age of 40? Does it make you fell big and smart? does it make you feel better about yourself?

Chad Hudson So will a feminist tell me what they’re fighting for?

I’m curious about Feminism culture.

Sarah Shadrach I love how Steve’s got all of his mates to come here and have a public mutual masturbation session.

Sam Cowan bRo’s HaVn a tRoLL LoL gEt aMonGst iT Lol bRo’s 4eva

James Borchert I’m not Steve’s mate. I’v never even met the guy.

Huge fan of his work tho.

Caleb Runge Whats wrong marnie? Got nothing else to say?

Chad Hudson Steve’s mates? Not really. More curious about feminist culture but hey Sarah that’s rather misandrist of you.

I am a male, I have rights to you know?

Emma Brown These young boys are utterly pathetic. Trolling mocking rape, top class boys this lot.

Alina Agaronyan I think she is referring to Steve’s gf and other friends

James Borchert Use ladies just keep feeding. Us trolls never stop getting hungry.

ME:  Chad – look it up in the dictionary. That should help. Caleb – you’ve been nothing but rude in your comments. Honestly, if you’ve got nothing constructive to add then go and leave the adults to talk.

Jessica Anne Friedmann Chad, in good faith – the women on this board are fighting to be perceived as more than pieces of meat.

The unspoken ‘punchline’ to the comic is ‘going ahead, fuck her anyway, you know she REALLY wants it.’

But actually, no means no, and ‘going ahead anyway’ makes the joke a joke about rape.

Think about the physical danger of violation all women are taught to fear from birth. That’s why we don’t find the punchline funny. It could happen to any of us and what we want is support from the women and men in our lives – not jeering, and not laughter.

Caleb Runge Seriously? I was being rude in my comments? Bloody feminist, tell ya…

ME:  You think you were being polite?

Sophie Trevitt Well this is horrendous. Hello dregs of the internet.

Caleb Runge Well if you find the truth offensive there is a 6ft deep hole waiting for you.

ME: Is that a threat, dear?

James Borchert How would use know what it means in the first place people. Use didn’t make it. Use jumped on a social networking site saw a post that another feminist (who had no idea what the photo meant) and all jumped up on your high horse about it.

Caleb Runge There it is again. You think everything is a threat. This is why people don’t like feminist.

ME: Righto. Make sure you do your homework. You’ve got a way to go….

James Borchert You will never win caleb your a guy they don’t have and time for guys.

Corina Thorose Ugh, “use.” Please no more, the English language begs you…

ME: *you’re. Closer that time.

James Borchert Oop another spelling nazi ^^

Chad Hudson Thank you Jessica for giving me the time for an actual response that isn’t wrinkled by old woman abusing young boys to get off.

Woman are perceived on how they’re presenting themselves just like men themselves and just because a minority think woman are meat doesn’t mean all men do also woman are just as bad for this yet you never hear men talk about it?

The picture has more prospective than just “Go ahead, fuck her anyway she wants it” etc
I can easily look at it as a young girl whose obviously flirted and teased a male in to the thought he’s able to make a move or to “fuck her” if that’s how you all perceive it.

I honestly see you all as wanting more than the hand that feeds.

ME: No, just literate. But thanks.

Caleb Runge (TO ME:) where was the “you*” necessary exactly? And I don’t have homework and it seems you may need to do a little yourself.  nice talking to you.

ME:  It’s “you” not “use”. Are you sure you don’t have English homework?

Chad Hudson Can I ask you all a question, what would you do if you saw a man abusing a woman?

Lee Jay Jessica Friedmann – that’s not the punch line at all, at least not the one I was thinking. You’re taking things to the extreme I fear. It’s a relatively innocent cartoon.

Also, on a side note – Caleb looks about 8 years old. Why is anyone bothering to even read what he says, let alone respond?

James Borchert Beat the fuck out of him. What else would you do?

ME:  This is the issue, Jay. The men commenting on this see it as an innocent consensual picture. The women don’t. From experience.

Chad Hudson Marnie I’m actually trying to learn of another persons perspective on how they perceive men.
But look at that, a typical response from a narrow minded woman because “All men are trolls, rapists and violent criminals”

James Borchert You’re right about that marnie. Trolling isn’t new but iv been playing this game before use even knew about Facebook.

James Borchert Not me chad I’m just here to troll.

Travis Nelson While I don’t condone the abuse of women in any circumstance the fact of the matter is this picture is a joke, albeit not a very funny one but nonetheless still a joke. I understand violence against women isn’t a joke nor is sexual abuse but this is the internet…if it’s gender equality, racial equality, correct grammar and common sense you’re looking for – you may have come to the wrong place.

ME:  Try being polite, Chad. And have a look at your comment and google “irony”.

Sarah Shadrach How is telling someone there is a 6ft hole waiting for them not a threat? Can you explain what you did mean then?

ME:If you’re not going to engage in reasonable respectful debate, at least you’ll both learn something about the English language and grammar. Every day’s a school day.

Caleb Runge Lindsay what exactly are you trying to correct? because whatever it is, it’s not right. And I am certain I don’t have homework because to have homework you have to go back to school, and since school hasn’t started yet I haven’t received any.

Lee Jay Marnie – I didn’t look at it and consider the issue of consent at all. She said “don’t make a move” so in my head “the ‘joke’ was that she was clearly teasing him and he couldn’t do anything. Nothing more sinister than that. If you’ve been through something traumatic then you might be reading more into it than myself and I understand that. But I don’t believe there’s anything inherently wrong with the cartoon.

Chad Hudson *(TO ME)  nobody cares about your experience of being fucked in the spoon position.

Reegan Slack i can see how this might promote rape culture, but i doubt thats what was in mind when it was made. But i guess thats the issue isnt it?

ME: Sorry Chad, I’m not entirely sure what your point is.

Blair Dawes Pretty sad all these blokes on here being arseholes

James Borchert Chicks don’t act like this on runescape.

Jeff Borchert Well after reading a lot of these comments and hearing all these ladies in an uproar over this very tasteless and degrading cartoon of a woman with her pants half off, telling what would seem to be her lover not to touch cause she’s “sleepy” makes me come to one or two conclusions ! That there’s a lot of women on here with PMS! or they are just not getting satisfied at home and have to take it out on other Facebook users !!
And for the women that say no means no! Sometimes no can be persuaded to then mean yes after a little sweet talk !

Caleb Runge You have obviously mixed up who you’re talking too.

Chad Hudson

#ViolenceIsViolence: Domestic abuse advert Mankind

40% of domestic violence is against men in the UK. Violence is violence, no matt… See More

Jeff Borchert Learn too laugh people I mean women!!!!! Lol

ME:  Well, I guess this is all quite pointless. I’m out. Caleb, for the love of god I WAS talking about the guy writing “use”. You just assumed it was you.

Caleb Runge Well obviously i did since it was in the same comment. Bye.

ME: Good night, sweet prince.

Chad Hudson That’s not very nice to say.
You should trigger warning your posts for me because it’s triggering my PTSD.

James Borchert I’ve completely forgotten what use are all fighting over could anyone explain again

Lee Jay Marnie, that’s exactly my point. Not every little thing needs to be turned into a crusade. It only serves to detract from the bigger issues. It’s only an issue of consent now that you’ve made it one.

Tiana Kettlewell I think I have PTSD now…. Can’t deal with all the triggers

Chad Hudson Since (*ME) was allowed to tell us about her PTSD and experience I shall speak about mine.

I was little, only a young brat with a bit of extra skin between my legs. I grew up happy and curious about woman before I was of age. The mind wonders, it’s amazing to see a beautiful woman especially one naked.

As I was curious more and more my hormones turned to the worst they made me try to talk to girls and tell them lovely things but instead they would attack me and harass me. Woman were not the ideal perfect thing in this world.

Men are the true saints of today, men cause woman to give birth and so we’re the creators of all from large to small. Woman are nothing but cruel and abusive towards us god like men. They’re the reason men cause murder and rape.

James Borchert Troll-lolol-lolol-lolol-lol-lo

James Borchert HOLY SHIT CHAD. #outoftheballpark

Blair Dawes CHAD you might want to look into getting a lobotomy or something

Lee Jay Marnie if you genuinely believe that things like this little cartoon set the scene for actual rape then I concede your point. However I strongly disagree that they do.

Louise Demanuele Who the fuck puts a baby in a microwave?? Child abuse breaks my heart. That is NOT OK and it’s not funny. Behind every photograph is a real child going through hell

Jeff Borchert Blair stop writing what your wife is telling you to write and grow some balls mate! Learn to laugh mate!!

Chad Hudson I feel sorry for Marnie’s son.
Imagine how homosex he’ll be when hes older.

Chad Hudson…/1451382…

Blair would’ve been pretty awesome if he didn’t whiteknight and was a true man like he use to be.

Anthony Skeels “I have PTSD about an event in my past, but I will freely write what it was and answer any questions”

Lol ok

43 minutes ago · Like · 2

James Borchert


42 minutes ago · Like · 1

Chad Hudson Sorry Marnie as much as you wish your son had a true man in his life, I sadly don’t condone pedophilia.

42 minutes ago · Like · 2

Caleb Runge Oh wow, this is still going…

41 minutes ago · Like · 1

James Borchert

Chad Hudson Marnie how was I meant to know it was future tense and not past tense? I’m not quirky like you

Louise Demanuele Clementine can you block Chad Hudson, pictures of brutally murdered babies are NOT OK. Wtf Chad, I have no words. I hope you don’t have nieces or nephews, what if that baby was them??? All babies matter you sick fuck

Bec Hayes Shared with ACA and Sunrise. Disgusting trolling. Name and shame.

Chad Hudson Wattayatlkinbout

Louise Demanuele I hope one day you look back and are ashamed of yourself… It may be when you first hold your newborn baby and you finally understand how fragile, vulnerable they are in this world ave they look to you to protect them and keep them safe and you’ll think back to when you laughed at murdered babies and want to kick your own arse.

Chad Hudson

We gonna be famous

Rollin down the 680

Bec Hayes And it’s been screenshotted so good luck trying to delete the disgusting comments pictures and death threats.

Caleb Runge

March 27, 2011

Hey, I’m a guy. I’m single. I would never cheat on you. I would always text you first, tell you that you’re beautiful every day, say I love you in front of my friends, never choose my video games over you, protect you, try my best to never make you cry, hold you and never let you go, kiss you in the pouring rain. Yes, ladies, I do exist. No, I’m not gay. Stop dating douche-bags and jerks. Date me

Frances Borchert Caleb I think you are very sensitive and loving I hope you find a nice girl

Lisa Borchert Runge I did raise a lovely young man.

FYI young dickhead who was egged on by his older male relatives and whose mum thinks he’s lovely is CALEB RUNGE

2. Chad Hudson – a horrible human being

3. Steve Parker, who is one of the worst examples of humanity in existence. His girlfriend (who posted a lovely picture of Jesus getting raped by the Romans, comes a close second).

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