Misogyny – you’re doing it wrong

Another lazy posting I put on FB and copied here…re: a post a friend (male) put up on famous men who are feminists and some dick was trolling…

Names have been redacted. Comments in Italics are two super people. Bold is the muppet who admitted to being a troll and posted some nonsense……

  • One in three women are sexually assaulted in their lifetime. In Australia one woman is killed by her partner/former partner Every Week. The gender pay gap. Unequal pay. Culturally ingrained objectification/sexualisation of girls. Victim blaming. Sexual harassment on the street (my winner of the week was at 9.30am yesterday morning). These are reasons why feminism is both important and necessary. Feminism advocates social, cultural, political and economic equality for both sexes. Hence men can be feminists. It’s really about wanting things to be fair and lovely and equal – what’s wrong with that? The tired stereotyping of feminists as men-hating nutbars is just another way to derail and dismiss any kind of debate around misogyny. Usually the people bleating on about other people’s “imaginary” disadvantages are the least likely to experience them themselves. “Crying rape” is one of them. For women in any country sexual assault is a real threat. One in three women will be able to tell you from personal experience. Naomi is right; more women are refusing to stay silent on these issues, even though when we debate them in public forums, such as on Facebook (Clementine Ford’s FB is a great example) the discussion is hijacked by men posting offensive nonsense, pictures of rape, threats and generally being awful human beings. #NotAllMen The frequent refusal to engage in any proper conversation about feminism and equality issues by mocking and deriding women striving for equality, refusing to accept that issues facing women are real (and backed up by things like statistics and facts) is at best very immature and at worse mind-bogglingly offensive. It’s unhelpful. there are many men out there who have taken the time to view the world from a woman’s point of view, who have listened, talked, considered and support equality. When you break it down – it’s not really that hard.
  • ********Why can’t we all just be nice to each other?!?! Fucked up isn’t it?
  •  Sorry, I got a bit carried away and hit enter before I’d finished. Threw in some more stuff. I’m quite exhausted now. Make me a sandwich.
  •  …. ‘make me a sandwich bitch’ ….
  •  The guys that are all a bit sad and down on feminism on your FB page have really disappointed me, Anton. I was hoping for some vigorous verbal jousting or at least some response. A small, small part of me hopes they are considering what I’ve said. In any case, I’m terribly glad they haven’t come back with “you need a good hard dick” or “you should be raped/you are too ugly to be raped” – two of my all-time favourite comebacks and yes, I’ve kept them.. I’m glad there is respect on your page, even if it is silence. But BTW I’m available for all convos involving feminism, misogyny, the points outlined above etc. And I don’t hate men. I love men. I’m related to many men, I have lovely male friends, I have sex with men. Do not hate men. Compared with other women around the world/women of colour/gay women/women with a disability (woah, you should see those sexual assault stats), I’ve got it good. But that doesn’t mean I will stop fighting for the common good, or for other people’s rights. As a bonus round, I have experienced some of the things I mentioned earlier. In next week’s episode: How Feminism Helps Men by Eroding Gender Stereotypes and also How It Helps Children Who are Victims of Domestic Violence Like Their Mother (don’t even start with the “it happens to men too bullshit – of course it does, but that’s another conversation entirely. If you’re so bloody concerned about it, then start one, don’t derail this one). Being able to vote, own our own property, be in charge of our own bodies and reproductive systems is awesome, albeit quite late in the piece and (w regards to #3, under threat by fucktards in the Senate and NSW Gov). I can’t help but figure that men’s reproductive rights were under threat we wouldn’t have this problem. However, with the exception of “fucktards” (Cory Bernardi, anyone?) I try to be civil and enter into honest debate. I don’t threaten to rape anyone if I disagree with them. I’m actually terribly nice. So if you have questions about feminism – which is not a sense of Humour bypass, a man-hating cult, or a bunch of menstruating women trying to get back at blokes because Biology, then just ask. I may correct your grammar if I am annoyed, but you will get only respectful and honest debate, if you wish to take this up. And no matter your stance before/after, I will respect you for dealing with this issue politely, intelligently and like a decent human being. Failing that, I will post pictures of cats wearing ties. Shuts up the haters in 2 cats.
  • ******Where’s Hugh?
  •  *tumbleweed*
  • ******Stop trying to pick fights on my newsfeed woman! Now go make me a sandwich too ; )
  • THAT GUY: I love Cory Bernardi.
    ******* ^^ fight talk right there

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